Best Ways to Measure Roof Pitch For Chalet

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When you are going to build a chalet, the roof pitch is critical to measure, to determine the quantity of the material to order, second, what type of material is best to construct your roof, so the estimation of the roof pitch is critical for building a great home. The other thing, it can be helpful in removing the snow, if you are living in the colder weather. A roof pitch calculator can be a good help in finding the best angles for your roof. 

In this article, we are highlighting the fact why the roof pitch is crucial in contracting your home, and it can also increase the life and the beauty of the home.

What is the roof pitch?

Now if you are trying to understand the term roof pitch, you can say it is the angle, inclination, or slope of your roof. These terms can be referred to as the steepness of your roof, in the roofing industry the steepness is referred to as the pitch of the roof. The pitch is described in terms of 12” inches or foot, in the roofing industry, the pitch of the roof pitch is described by how many inches the slope rises after every 12” inches if the roof runs horizontally.

Try the roof slope calculator to determine the pitch of your roof, if a roof is increasing in height after 3 inches after every one foot, we can say the pitch of the roof is “3-in-12 pitch” or just the “3 pitch”. When you are talking in terms of pitches in the roofing universe, you would be easily understood by everyone. These are some terms you should understand before ordering roof material, it is also great to calculate the best slope of your roof, you can also use the roof pitch calculator to determine the steepness of your roof.

The best method of calculating the roof pitch

Now, how you can measure the roof pitch, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly you have to measure the run of the roof, for this purpose, the run of the roof is the area from the walls to the peak of your roof.
  2.  The next thing you have to measure is the rise of the roof, try the roof slope calculator to measure the height of the roof.
  3. Now you divide the rise by the run. This will provide the tangent of the slope of the roof for your convenience, you can calculate by roof pitch calculator { rise ÷ run= slope(tangent)}, now divide by 1 by your tangent.
  4. At the last, you have to multiply the result by 180/π, now you have calculated the pitch of your roof.

Effect of the roof pitch

The roof pitch has its own effect, and these are also associated with the installation of the roofs, the steeper roofs are difficult to install, as compared to the roofs with lesser slopes.

Low pitch roofs:

Low pitch roofs are usually easy to install and these are safer to walk around, you can repair and maintain them easily. The flat roofs are prone to leaks and need frequent inspection. The flat pitch roofs are seldom used in areas, where snowfall can be frequent, as it is dangerous for the safety of the roof.

Medium pitch roofs

The medium pitch roofs are commonly used in building homes in colder weather conditions, these roofs come in a variety of styles and are good at dispersing the snow and rainfall, they also require frequent inspection by the owner as snow and water may damage the surface. You can use a roof pitch calculator to estimate the pitch of your roof if you are opting for a medium pitch roof.

High pitch roof

The High pitch roofs are non-walkable roofs and present a more dynamic and exciting appearance to your home. The high pitch roofs are expensive to install, the inspection and the roofing maintenance all should be done by the contractor as you can’t inspect the roof.

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